Furnace Repair: Furnace has Noisy Operation

Gas Furnace has Noisy Operation

Signs you're in need of furnace repair can be as simple as listening to the furnace while it's running - just like a car. If you notice the furnace is making excessive noise while operating, you should call Climate-Tech right away.

Possible Causes

  1. Higher pitched "squealing" sound may be caused by slipping blower belt, or motor or shaft bearings in need of oiling
  2. Lower pitched "rumble" sound may be caused by a poorly adjusted pilot light if this problem occurs with the burners off
  3. Lower pitched "rumble" sound may be caused by dirty gas burners if the problem occurs with the burners on

Possible Repairs

  1. Oil blower motor lubrication ports (usually at each end of shaft) with light weight oil
  2. Check for proper belt tension (belt should depress about 1" at center of span)
  3. Tighten best if too loose
  4. Replace frayed belt
  5. Adjust pilot light
  6. Have burners adjusted or cleaned by furnace service technicians

Like most appliances, it's best to call in a serviceman as soon as you notice a problem. When you call Climate-Tech, you'll be calling the area's experts in heating & cooling. Our friendly staff has been providing quality furnace repair and furnace maintenance in Belleville, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities since 1986 and we have the expertise to get your furnace repaired quickly and affordably. Feel free to call us with questions or concerns at 734.482.4485 or contact us here.