Repairing Your Boiler

A boiler is an appliance used to heat water for some common heating systems (hydronic heating systems). These systems use the hot water from the boiler to spread the heat throughout the home by piping it into different rooms and dispersing the heat through various types of radiators. Once the radiator is heated with the hot water, the water is returned to the boiler to be reheated and then the circulation can continue. Though most modern homes do not have a boiler, most people with a boiler can use the same unit for years provided it is repaired when needed and maintained properly.

Boiler Fuel Options

Boilers can be fueled with natural gas and propane, or they can burn oil (oil-fired) though oil-burning boilers require extra maintenance, particularly with the blower and oil filter.

Boiler Issues: Common Symptoms of a Problem

If you see any of the following symptoms with your home's boiler, call Climate-Tech Heating and Cooling. We can diagnose the boiler problem and repair it before it gets worse.

  • Boiler pressure relief valve is spurting water
  • Abnormally high pressure reading on the boiler's pressure gauge (above 20 psi)
  • The boiler's expansion tank is hot to the touch from the bottom to the top
  • Water leaking around the boiler
  • Not all radiators are heating
  • Noisy pipes

Catching problems early can keep the cost of repairing your boiler down and can sometimes mean the problem can be repaired instead of needing a new boiler replacement. If you’re in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Superior Township, Saline, Milan, Canton, Westland, Belleville or any Michigan (MI) community in between and have a boiler issue, call us today.

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