New Water Heater Replacement & Repair

When your water heater stops heating your water, it can put you in a tough spot. Just think of all the things you use hot water for: washing dishes and clothes, bathing, and more. Without a properly functioning water heater, these activities quickly become chores.

If your water heater stops working, call Climate-Tech first! Our technicians can service any make and model of water heater and can perform water heater repairs when possible or offer a quality and affordable water heater replacement. We've serviced our neighbors in Belleville, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and the surrounding Michigan communities and look forward to showing you the Climate-Tech difference. Contact us today!

The All-Important Water Heater

A water heater can account for up to 25% of the total energy an average home consumes. To be sure that you're not wasting money with an inefficient water heater, it’s important to educate yourself on the different water heater systems that are available and what environments they work best in.

Storage Water Heater

The most common water heater in the U.S. is the Storage Water Heater. These water heaters store water in an insulated tank, typically from 20 to 80 gallons (or more), and transfer heat from a burner to heat the water. During this heating process, heat can be lost through the flue and through the walls of the storage tank. This means that energy is consumed even when no hot water is being used. Since there are so many homes that have been built with these water heaters, we want to remind you that many of these old systems can be repaired, saving you up to half of the cost of a water heater replacement.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater (Demand Water Heater) heats water as it’s called for rather than storing heated water in a tank. The water is heated by a gas burner or electric elements only when hot water is called for. While hot water will typically never run out, your flow rate (gallons per minute) can be limited. Because this system will not lose heat like a storage water heater system using a tank, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 15%.

Indirect Water Heater

If your home’s heating system uses a boiler, you may want to consider an Indirect Water Heater. These systems use your boiler as the heat source by circulating water from the boiler through a heat exchanger in a “well” or insulated water heater tank. More information on boilers can be found here.

An Indirect Water Heater is a great option because it eliminates excessive energy losses through the flue (in a gas-fired storage water heater system) without the added hassles and costs of a Demand (Tankless) Water Heater.

Climate-Tech has a solution for your water heater problem. Whether you need a replacement, a repair, or you’re not sure, call Climate-Tech and rest assured your issue will be solved quickly and affordably. If you’re in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Superior Township, Saline, Milan, Canton, Westland, Belleville or any Michigan (MI) community in between, make Climate-Tech your first call! We know that every home is different and treat every job as a custom job. In heating and cooling, one size doesn't fit all.

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